Just came back from seeing The Incredible Burt Wonderstone with my wife. I had no idea what to expect, and certainly didn’t expect much.

First the bad: i could have lived without the (rare) magic jargon and method divulsions. As I’ve previously written about, it’s not my favorite when secrets of magicians are divulged to the public, especially when belittled.  That said, there’s not much of it, and whatever.

The good: almost everything else, especially Jim Carrey. Every time he is on the screen, be prepared to laugh incredibly hard–don’t put any food in your mouth, and certainly no liquids, as you will surely spit up  or choke trying to stop yourself.  The guy is simply unreal. I love him. I always have, and in this film he’s just as electric as ever.  You can count on his delivering pure hilariousness every time he’s on screen.

Carrey plays a character that is a blend of David Blaine, Chris Angel, & Ace Ventura.  He attempts over the top stunts, each one more gruesome and absurd than the next.  For one of his spectacles, he gathers an audience around a large area of flaming red coals.  The expected trick is for him to walk across the coals unscathed. Classic.  Nearly every adult male in India can do that no problem (uh…kidding….just in case). Instead, Carrey’s stunt: he spends the night sleeping on the flaming hot embers bare chested. I don’t want to give away, well, anything, but it’s too late for that. So I won’t give away anything else.  Just go see it. If you love Jim Carrey, you’re in for a treat.

Oh yeah, Steve Carrell is also in it and he’s good too.

Tough to share a stage with JC.