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Private Parties

Pesce MagicIf you are looking for intelligent, interactive entertainment, then you have come to the right place. Michael is a repeat performer at the Hollywood Magic Castle due to his charming personality, engaging presentations, and incredible skill as a sleight of hand artist. 

Types of Entertainment for Private Parties

Close-up Magic & Strolling Performances: Perfect for cocktail and social hours, Michael will stroll amongst your guests performing close up magic from just a few feet away. Michael is an expert at entertaining guests with cards, coins, finger rings, and all sorts of ordinary objects found around the house. For your next party, Michael is the private party magician you need!

It's not just the magic, it's the performance style and personality of the performer.  

Michael is a ton of fun-charming, highly intellectual, and skilled.  With degrees in philosophy and business, Michael's weaves together incredibly visual magic with fascinating stories and presentations.  If you are looking for one of the best private party entertainment ideas for your event, call Michael today at (914) 497-7955, or fill out the contact form.

Joel Douek, Composer

"Thanks so much for sharing your formidable skills with us. We and our whole group of folks were truly astounded and confounded by your act and have kept talking about it since!"

Joel Douek 
Composer, Joel Douek

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