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Quite The Talent…

Your magic was soooo impressive! You are quite the talent!

Natalie Haddad

A Very, Very fun night!

We were in the front two rows, and we just wanted you to know how absolutely impressed and excited we were with your show!  We weren’t really sure what to expect, but we left feeling excited and blown away with your magic AND your memory!!!!
Thank you for a very very fun night!  I’d be happy to recommend you to all of our friends!

Betsy Cates

Can’t Stop Talking About The Show

Michael was terrific!!! We can’t stop talking about the show, his amazing memory, his humor and his sense of connection with the audience.  He was soooo great!!!  I can’t wait to go again!!

Donna Holloran

Perfected the art of magic

Michael is very articulate and has perfected the art of magic…his show is amazing & so much fun to watch.

Chuck Rowe

I Plan to go back!

Michael is the best I’ve ever seen. Do not miss his show. I plan to go back.

Pilar Mac Daniel

Mind Blowing Stuff

A GREAT show…Mind Blowing Stuff!

Michael Chernis
Attorney, Abner Chernis

A Truly Wonderful, Entertaining, Mystifying Show

A truly wonderful, entertaining, and mystifying show. Great for a date, with friends, or even alone. Do not miss Michael at the next opportunity.

Brian Zopf
Senior Marketing Manager, Clean Energy Experts

Thoughts on Intimate Magic

Wonderful show experience.

Mark Collins

…a breath of fresh air.

Michael was a breath of fresh air. Entertaining and fun.

Angela Tapia

From Andy Dean, Radio Host & Former “Apprentice”

Awesome show last night!!! You are seriously awesome!

Andy Dean
Talk Show Host, America Now

Thoughts on A.D.D. Lightful

I left very INSPIRED. Congratulations!

Jacqueline Kabat

Granite Tv

The show was nothing short of AMAZING.  I laughed so hard I awoke this morning with my stomach hurting!

Ann Beemish
Granite Tv

More Magic Castle!

It was our first time in the castle and you had THE BEST act of the night (our entire party agreed on that). We are very happy we decided to go to “just one more show” that night.

Shlomi Korlansky

Whippany Park Productions

My profession is writing and producing for film and television (mostly comedy), so I know what goes into a solid production– and your magic mixed in with your comedic sense of timing was spot on.  So much fun and so much to be AMAZED about just the same.

Evan Wasserstrom
Whippany Park Productions

Google Ventures

We hired Michael to entertain at our company holiday party. He was very easy to work with leading up to the event, accommodating and responsive.  He arrived on time and ready to go with very little direction from me.  He was 100% believable, and wonderfully entertaining and engaging.  Our guests were completely mesmerized by his magic and sense of humor!  He really went above and beyond my expectations, and I would highly recommend him.

Kimmy Brock
Google Ventures

Joel Douek, Composer

Thanks so much for sharing your formidable skills with us. We and our whole group of folks were truly astounded and confounded by your act and have kept talking about it since!

Joel Douek
Composer, Joel Douek

Feel the BASS!

Im Eshkachech is a complicated choice of lyrics but despite that I appreciated the moody style of this song…and the bass guy in the end is unreal – in Six13 Encore I thought this guy’s voice was digitally altered but it’s real. The best bass voice in Jewish Music, easily. If you didn’t notice it, do me a favor, go to 4:04 and hear it again.

YK’s Jewish Music Forum
Review of Six13 Yesh Chadash

More on Six13!

The best tune is the jazz-infused ballad Im Eshkachech. Featuring guest vocalist Michael (Howard) Friedland, the song is reminiscent of Martin Sexton’sCan’t Stop Thinking About You as performed by Firedrill!. Mike Boxer has composed a magical opus of love and longing that sends chills down the spine. Boxer’s muted trumpet ain’t half bad either. All of the elements meld into the quintessential jazz-pop tune.

The Recorded A Cappella Review Board
Six13 Yesh Chadash Review

Six13 Review

The ballad “Im Eshkachech” features the velvety low, smooth stylings of guest vocalist Michael (Howard) Friedland, formerly of the Tufts Amalgamates and Duwende.

The Contemporary A Cappella Society, Recording Review:
Six13′s “Volume III: Yesh Chadash”

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